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Camping Must: Campfire Biscuits

() When I was a kid, one of the parishioners at my dad’s church made AMAZING biscuit rolls over the campfire. These were canned biscuits wrapped around a dowel rod, held over the fire, and then filled with squeeze butter, … Continue reading

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Pickle Barrel

If you are ever camping in Cook Forest State Park, or just up there to enjoy the leaves, make sure you stop at the gorgeous ‘lil gift shop called “Pickle Barrel“. It’s full of fun items, Pittsburgh sports apparel/decorations, country … Continue reading

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Campfire Quesadillas

When we went camping, I wanted to be sure that I stayed true to my meal plans as best as possible. Sure, I let myself enjoy a s’more and a mountain pie, but I didn’t get out of control. One … Continue reading

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Tubing (Our Camping Experience)

There are several places you can go tubing when camping at Cook Forest State Park. We didn’t really plan ahead, and ended up checking out three places before we actually hit the river. Take our word for it, make yourself … Continue reading

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Eggs in a Bag

() As I hinted in the first camping memory post, Missy wowed us with Eggs in a Bag. I know, it sounds really gross and I am sure you are skeptical that this would result in runny eggs and food … Continue reading

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City Mouse and Country Mouse Go Camping

If you have never gone camping, do it. If you have never gone camping with your best friend, do it. A few weeks ago, the City Mouse (me) and Country Mouse (my best friend, Missy) decided to go camping. We’d … Continue reading

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