This morning, I posted a sad weight loss story, a gain of 3.6 pounds. Let me be for real and tell the truth. I gained three pounds between Christmas and New Years’ then another 0.6 after New Years. I am stumped, but worked hard on getting back on track today even though I didn’t feel well. It’s never fun to post that you’ve gained when for so long you’ve posted that you’re losing, but it had to be done.

Life isn’t always about rainbows and unicorns, is it?

With that said, and being sick, I am going to share with you a really quick blurb from a NaBloPoMo prompt: What is your favorite song that gives you energy?

Right now, “my song” would have to be “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes. It pushed me when my PT was having me run on the treadmill after spraining my knee. It pushed me through the Turkey Trot. And it’s going to push me through whatever it is that’s making me gain weight and feel like crud. Watch out world, here comes The Fighter.