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First Friday

Tonight started a new summertime tradition for the kids and me – First Friday. It’s an event local to us up here in Armstrong County, a food truck roundup on the first Friday of every month in the summer. We’re … Continue reading

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Life is full of obstacles, am I right? There’s always going to be someone or something in our way. A greater force that gets in our head and we have to figure out how to overcome that force. For instance, … Continue reading

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Three Rules of Mommy’s Van

Tonight, while riding in the van, Evan demanded three things. He wanted to drink his iced tea, wanted just the right songs to play, and wanted it not to smell like the tropics. That’s when I told him that there are … Continue reading

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Mommy’s a Soccer Mom

My last post got a bit deep and ranty. How about something lighter-hearted? Mommy’s a Soccer Mom!  

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Pepperoni and Pretzels

Sometimes getting your kid to eat is a really tough thing. In the past few months, I’ve come to learn that sometimes just giving him what he really wants is worth it. In this case, that thing for our boy is … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween 2015

From Captain America and Princess Anna… Happy Halloween.

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What a Boy Wants

We have learned that when it comes to Evan and his hair, he is in charge. We’ve gone with his direction, what a boy wants. That’s why he’s had very few haircuts. His choice. His direction. His hair. He started … Continue reading

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First Day of Pre-K Counts

It’s been almost a week, but Evan had his first day of Pre-K Counts last Thursday. (Hush. This mama is not dealing with the fact that her baby boy is growing up.) Just like his big sister, Evan is a … Continue reading

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Aw, Bummer!

It started about a week ago. Aw, Bummer! has quickly become Evan’s go to phrase. “You can’t have a snack until you finish your Pop Tart” results in Aw, Bummer. It’s also the follow-up to “you have to come inside because your sisters … Continue reading

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Last Day of Head Start

Last Wednesday was Evan’s last day of Head Start (year one – we haven’t made solid plans for next year, but he’s back in the program if he wants to be / if it fits with our schedule). He’s not … Continue reading

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