A Newer Me

If you follow me on Facebook, I know some of you are probably like “oh, no. Not another Becky post”…

BUT I have to share the fillings my cup got last week, and that means more and more sharing from this shareaholic. More about my daily life (which isn’t always gravy, and you need to see that side of me). More about the kids (have you liked my blog Facebook page?). More about the bags and accessories I am obsessed with. More about the God who made me, molded me, and saved me (and proved to Greg Willis and I TWO TIMES yesterday that He has our back). And more about my fit life and, yup, weight loss and motivation for YOU to be the healthy you that’s right for you.

Anyways, I stopped posting my weight loss for a few reasons. People did get tired of it. Some may have been struggling themselves and couldn’t stand seeing my successes. And it humbled me, but made me lose something 99% of you have been…my AMAZING SUPPORT SYSTEM. So it is starting again.

I survived the holidays at my lowest. Got inspired again by my friend and Resting Place pal, Pam, and dropped a few pounds in January. Then, in February,  my work world changed. I sat in a war room every day until this week. It meant little steps.  Cafe. Pizza. Skipping meals. Getting home very late. Going in very early. Forgetting about ME. I luckily survived with a plateau at 174.

Recently, however, I became a Beachbody Coach for two reasons. One, I need my own accountability. If I tell someone how to be healthier, I need to be healthier. Two, I have inspired a lot of you and I HEAR YOU. LOSING WEIGHT AND FEELING GREAT IS NOT EASY. I want us all to be Thrivers (more on that soon!). I want all my loved ones around, and I know you all may not have the support and accountability my dietitian gave me. So, here I am. A coach.

A coach who lost 2.5 pounds almost immediately doing Piyo. A coach who skipped Piyo two days last week and still ran at Marathon Relay pace with no running in 4 weeks. TWICE. A coach that ate pizza, kicked back, had ice cream and cocktails then gained 4 pounds back last week. A coach who came home to a husband (who is also a coach if you are a guy and like nope…not going to a girl for advice) with a ton of energy and ab definition just from drinking Shakeology three days while I was gone…paired with pizza and chef boyardee. A coach who has lost 5 pounds since Monday and is SUPER proud to tell you she is 0.2 pounds from her low that hit before Aruba. A coach who used to teeter toward the 300 pound mark and is VERY close to hitting 50% weight loss.

Most importantly, tho, I am a Coach who wants to help and support you like you’ve done for me. So even if it is not jumping on my new venture, know I am here for you. That’s why you will see a newer me out there, at least on Facebook and Instagram.  And Twiiter? I’m coming back for you. Trust me. Loves yinz’all.

Need some inspiration or information?  Let’s talk. Comments, email, or any of the links above get you straight to my phone and into my heart.


Mama and the 'lil Burghers are part of a #FitFamily

On the Path

Tonight, there are 31,000 words I want to write. So many things I want to share with you that I just don’t know where to start. The good news is, this is my space, and I’ll share them all as I get the time. There are lots of things to talk about (like our APRIL trip to Wisconsin, Aruba, Greg’s parents’ visit, putting our house on the market and all the fun that’s been, the kids going to school), but my mind is not really on them tonight. Nor is it on the two new projects I really want to kick off (a blog solely dedicated to my lifestyle journey and a book I’ve really been needing to write). But those are all things that have me on the path to where I want to go.

And sometimes, like I am in the photo above, it’s good to just sit my butt in a chair, toes in the sand, and not have a care in the world. (Founder and CEO of Thirty-One, Cindy Monroe, would call that what her husband and mine d0 – “playing in the grass”.) But tonight? Tonight I have 31,000 goals and not a clue which one of them I want to start in on.

But I am on the path and know that there are big things out there for me. I just have to find my niche, as a friend and coach told me. Once I do, the fact that I lead with my heart will shine through and big things will happen.

Along this path, I am also learning about patience. God has a plan, it’s waiting in His time to find the answers. One of the major things is something that could be very good for my family, but it will take some prayers and is definitely taking patience. But I know that I am on the path to a career I love, one way or the other. Frighteningly, a co-worker told me today that I essentially have 41 more years to work before I can retire…and I don’t like those stats.

What I do like, however, is that this mama has goals. She’s taken a break here in July to sit in the sand and think. She’s taken a trip to be with 15,000 other women like her to dream. And she’s set some pretty incredible goals. It’s just getting her feet on the path and asking for God’s guidance and Greg’s patience with her has the journey continues to unfold.

While I do not know what tomorrow brings, what school district our kids will be in when school begins, or even if I’ll be able to go to the annual Resting Place retreat, I do know this one thing: God has me on the path to something that I cannot wait to experience.

And that? That is enough.

A Younique Experience

Disclaimer: I was asked to review the item or service below in exchange for compensation and/or free items. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

Let’s face it. We are all beautiful inside and out, but there sure is something magical about putting some makeup on. I didn’t used to believe that, I used to think I was fine without it. My husband tells me day in and day out that I don’t need it, but as I get older, I realize that my skin isn’t as bright as it once was. A little bit of sparkle and color isn’t a bad thing.

When Tia of Younique reached out to ask me to try some of her company’s skin care and makeup products, I jumped at the chance. Not gonna lie. I’ve seen what their mascara can do (over on her Facebook page), and it got me excited to see what the pigments and other products could do to “paint up this ol’ barn”. (Sorry, Greg, but sometimes Mama June really does know what she’s talking about.)


Some of the Younique products you can find on Tia’s site

Tia sent me four products to prep my skin pretty: the Awake Cleanser, Brilliant Moisturizer, Glorious Primer, and BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer. I also got to check out the Blusher in “Sweet” and two pigments, “Sassy” and “Curious”.

After washing with the Awake Cleanser, my pores felt ready to face the day. It smells like a flower (because one of the three ingredients is Chrysanthemum), but looks like a thick clay-like substance. This turns into a lather (which surprised and delighted me) then rinses off easily without feeling like I still had “gunk” on my face. (If you know the feeling, raise your hand.)

Next up, I spread the Brilliant Moisturizer on. This is a very soft gel that has what looks like the top of q-tips inside it, but the little balls kind of “pop” on your face and leave you feeling super hydrated. There’s silver and pearl powder in here – so get ya sparkle on, ladies! This should be used day and night to promote healthy skin.

The Primer, formally known as Moodstruck Glorious Face & Eye Primer, prepped my skin for makeup. It literally pulled my pores together and left me feeling more ready to wear makeup than ever! If you are going to pick up one product to add to your makeup bag, let this one be it. You’ll thank me when you are at that Happy Hour and your makeup applied at 6 AM is still looking spectacular. Trust me on this one.

The BB Cream, which is a “Flawless Complexion Enhancer” was lightweight and gave a really nice base. Since I didn’t have a powder to try out, I did add a little bit of my current powder (also a mineral based product) on top of it for just a ‘lil more coverage as I didn’t feel the BB Cream alone was quite enough. That doesn’t mean it won’t be for you, however. I have YEARS of bad skin on this face and need a ‘lil extra loving.

The blusher, which I tried in “Sweet”, required very little to make a “pop” of color on my cheeks. It lasted, too! I was impressed by this, and didn’t feel like it left me looking like a clown. (The blusher, as well as the pigments, are 100% natural, made of minerals, and free of all the bad stuff you don’t want to add to your skin. You can read up more on that here.)

Finally, the pigments! I took a gander out on Pinterest to find some things that I could do with this besides apply it dry to my eyelids, and there are a lot of things that you can do. For instance, you can apply it wet to make a more dramatic pop, or even use it as eye liner. Others have used it to temporarily color their hair (Arianna will be addicted). I loved the colors I picked out because they were a sparkly set of pink and white that went well with my blush.

Collage 2014-07-26 21_15_33

The end result was something I was very happy with, a subtle look that lasted for the work day. Since giving this look a shot, I’ve been following Tia on her Facebook page and getting tips / watching for specials and parties she’s throwing. (Most of the Younique parties are online, so you don’t have to worry about hosting and bringing everyone into your home to shop…a unique factor of this direct sales company.) If you are interested in learning more about the products, I suggest you join her page and get invited to an upcoming party…or even host your own. I don’t think you’ll be sorry! (Find out more on her website: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/tawnyalukehart/products#.U9MCRKq9LCQ)

(Bonus! If you are local to Pittsburgh, Tia is close by, too!)

They Make Me Happy


They make me so happy. Watching cousins love each other and soak up the beauty of the world is one of the best things.

It reminds me of how things once were for me as a kid, and makes me pray that these ‘lil cousins will always have this bond. This love. This unconditional heart link.

Thank you, Aliyyah and Mom W, for sharing this moment in photo, and for sharing your time with our other ‘lil loves.

Promise Me

After three (short) days in paradise (Aruba), I have some requests for all of you. Promise me…

You will take time for yourselves at least 15 minutes a day.

You will read a good book, one a month is a low ball goal.

You will spend a day, weekend, or week alone with your significant other at least once a year.

You will take family vacations, multi – generational for bonus points.

You will step outside your comfort zone.

You will appreciate what you have.

You will remember every moment.


Five Years Us


Today, we celebrate 5 years of…

Sharing a last name.


Parenting a precious ‘lil girl together.


Fighting over Duke and Clemson.


Being extremely silly with our kiddos.


Falling asleep while the other one is getting some screen time.




Becoming better versions of ourselves.


Caring for each other in sickness and in health.


And being the Mrs. & Mr. that will love each other forver, like each other for always.


Happy 5th Anniversary, Greg!


Chocolate For Breakfast


Because, obviously, chocolate is the logical choice when you are around the campfire.  Why NOT chocolate for breakfast?


Simple Health with Essential Oils

Disclaimer: I was asked to review the item or service below in exchange for compensation and/or free items. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

Ah, the spa. When I think of a spa, I think of the calming scents of lavender and mint. A cool glass of ice water with a slice of lemon. An overall healthy, rejuvenating feeling. While we don’t have the means for a spa trip all too often, that doesn’t mean we can’t pamper ourselves on the regular.

I was introduced to essential oils last fall and was recently given a chance to test out doTerra Essential Oils to experience the pampering one can enjoy with their products. doTerra has many types of oils that can be used to help you with your health and well-being. There are different combinations that will work together to achieve emotional and physical wellness. But if you are a busy person like me, taking the time to read up on all of this can be the exact reverse effect. Goodbye day at the spa, hello stress.

When I was asked by Lauren of  Discover Natural Solutions to test out an introductory pack of doTerra Essential Oils, I figured this was a great way to learn more about the trend. (I’ll admit – I’ve been pinning oils and even bought a bunch along the way, I just honestly got lumped in the overwhelmed category and was really excited to have someone willing to tell me more on a personal level).

First, we started out the product selection by considering what things were ailing me and my family. Allergies and sleep are our two main complaints. It was clear that the introductory pack of Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon would be a good fit.

#review of #doterra coming to the blog next week! #lilburghers


And she was right. Here are my top 3 favorite uses for each of the oils:


1. Combining it with lotion for a stress-relieving hand massage (hello, mini day at the spa!)

2. Applying it to a washcloth (with cold water) to aid with sleep.

3. Applying to wrists and inhaling to ease motion sickness (pretty much a road trip essential for me now).



1. Rub a drop on your wrists to elevate your mood.

2. Add into drinking water as a toxin cleanser.

3. Use with coconut oil and massage into fingernails.



1. Add to a washcloth (soaked in cool water) to help cool off.

2. Rub on stomach to ease indigestion.

3. Open up the sinuses by diffusing it or just simply opening the bottle and breathing it in.


Combined, the three are a relief for allergies, one of our biggest complaints in this house. Sounds like a win to me.

You can learn more about doTERRA Essential Oils and how to purchase them to help your body heal itself naturally by visiting the purchase page over on Discover Natural Solutions. Thank you for sharing these oils with my family, Lauren!


Disclaimer: I was asked to review the item or service below in exchange for compensation and/or free items. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

http://snarkecards.com - My family will never go hungry as long as I don't vacuum all the french fries and goldfish crackers in my car.

Source: Snarkecards.com

Truth, yes? Anyone with kids knows that snacks are always everywhere. Our ‘lil cousin Alex recently sat in between the kids’ carseats and asked them if they could PLEASE try not to spill their cereal anymore because he was getting Cheerios stuck to his butt. It happens, kiddo. Sigh. Gone are the days of detailed cars, huh?

Or maybe not! As you may have seen on TV (I know my kids have!), there is a new product out there to help keep the snack droppings under control. Let me introduce you to Snackeez, “the all-in-one, go anywhere snacking solution!”. These cups make traveling with snacks a lot less messy. Just put your snack in the covered bowl that sits on top of 16 ounces of your favorite drink for on the go.


Designed to keep spills at a minimum and make carrying all.the.things a lot easier on moms and dads, these cups are a win in our family. Whether it is breakfast on the go or prepping for a road trip, we’re ready with our Snackeez! We even fit a muffin in one of them!

Arianna is pretty much a pro at using her cup. She’s 5 and has no issue lifting the bowl lid to get her snacks or untwisting the cap to refill with her favorite drink (water). Evan is still getting used to lifting his lid without cereal flying everywhere, but it’s an upgrade from bowl in one hand, cup in the other. The only other downside is that ours didn’t come with a lid on the straw and Evan has pretty much bit through his (soft) straw.


You can get your own at https://www.getsnackeez.com/ (cause my kids aren’t sharing!).


Wheat Germ Recipes

Disclaimer: I was asked to review the item or service below in exchange for compensation and/or free items. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

Remember the other day when I shared the benefits of wheat germ with you? Well, Kretschmer Wheat Germ was kind enough to share some recipes with me (to give you yinz). While we’re all on the “whoa, pigged out at 4th of July, time to get back in my summer shape” train (no? just me?), why not offer up some healthy options.

Black Bean, Wheat Germ and Mango Salsa

Source: Kretschmer.com

(full recipe is available here)

Ok, your mouth is watering, right? This recipe is a delicious addition to your taco nights. You take some mango, black beans, corn, and avocado…mix in the “secret ingredient” of wheat germ, and have yourself a yummy treat with a healthy boost. The recipe (above) makes 14 servings at 70 calories each…so while it’s healthy, don’t go eating the whole thing alone. Share. With me?


Summer Quinoa and Wheat Germ Salad

wheat germ salad

Source: Kretschmer.com

(full recipe is available here)

Whoa. Two superfoods together? Arugula? This is one of my personal heavens and would be the perfect dish for those hot summer nights when you just don’t feel like cooking anything. Have your quinoa prepped ahead of time and pop this in the fridge before work. I promise you that you’ll feel refreshed and happy with this salad.


Key Lime Tarts with Graham Cracker Crust

Key Lime Tarts

Source: Kretschmer.com

(full recipe is available here)

Shh. These treats may be delicious and healthy, but don’t get too addicted. They are 270 calories per saving (12 per recipe), but who doesn’t deserve some key lime goodness in their summer menu? I’ll just be indulging vicariously as you make these.


Thanks to Kretschmer for sending me great ideas for my summer cooking!

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