5 Kitchen Counter Must-Haves

By Emily Creswick of Zillow


Source: Julians Interiors

Innovative countertop elements streamline the cooking process and boost overall organization of kitchens. Additionally, these elements add a touch of style and character to the highly-functional space.

Review these five countertop must-haves to optimize kitchen functionality and aesthetics.

1. Toaster
Ensure breakfast staples including toast, bagels and pastries are cooked to perfection by including a great toaster. The market is inundated with modern toasters models with special features including bread warmers, defrosters and sliding trays. If high tech gadgets don’t appeal, choose a contemporary style in a bright color such as turquoise or tangerine.

2. Coffee Machine or French Press
Like toasters, coffee machines come in many shapes and sizes. Popular models include the standard drip-style and single-cup coffee makers. Drip coffee makers are available in 4 to 12 cup capacities, making them ideal for busy households and entertaining. Pod-style coffee makers are generally smaller, equipped to make single servings for individuals. Alternatively, avoid cords and a bulky machine by using a French press to make the morning coffee.

3. Blender
A blender is a year-round appliance with many uses. Create fresh fruit juices and smoothies in the morning. In the evening, blend vegetables and stock to create hearty soups. Entertain friends and family with blended beverages and frozen cocktails on the weekend. Choose a size that best suits the kitchen and amount of expected use. A large blender is ideal for a busy family, whereas a personal blender with interchangeable travel mugs is perfect for singles and couples on the go.

4. Induction Cooktops
Induction cooktops use electromagnetism to heat pots and pans faster than gas and electric versions. Designed in Europe, induction cooktops are energy-efficient, helping reduce the cost of monthly energy bills. The cooktops don’t get hot, allowing owners to touch the surfaces without burning themselves or inquisitive children. The warm plates are also easy to clean because foods and sauces don’t burn and stick.

5. Hidden Outlets
Reduce visual clutter in kitchens by removing outlets from walls and replacing with covered versions. Mount a multi-outlet strip discreetly under counter overhangs or hide outlets inside cupboards or cabinets. Kitchens with limited counter space benefit from dock or popup outlets. These styles are designed to retract from the countertop when not in use.

Staple appliances and innovative countertop updates are sure to benefit the look and function of the kitchen. Such updates are appealing and practical for residents, and, when it comes time to sell, attract buyers searching for homes. Enjoy the benefits now and reap the rewards in the future by ensuring the finest kitchen counter appearance and function.

This post is brought to you by the folks at Zillow.com. I was not compensated to share this information. 


Winter’s Almost Here – Get Ready with a Smart Home

Full disclosure: this article is financially supported by Direct Energy.

Well, hello there, winter. At least it seems that way. Today alone, it’s hailed three times and I’ve definitely wished I was wearing boots and pants versus my capris. We moved, and appropriately it has me thinking about ways we’ll be welcoming winter with a Smart Home.

One of the things that I do to have a Smart Home is not turn on the A/C or heat until it is absolutely necessary. In my  mind, that’s June 1 for the A/C and at least October 15 for the heat (although it definitely crossed my mind today to break my rule). But that’s not the only thing you can do to have a Smart Home. I learned a few things from Direct Energy that will help make your home smarter and more convenient this winter (and all year long).

1. Install a smart thermostat, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat. Smart thermostats offer you climate control, the convenience of programming away from home, and more.

2. Your living room typically has multiple active light sources available. Make sure your lighting is energy efficient by switching traditional bulbs to CFLs or LEDs.

3. Replace your old, inefficient appliances with new, efficient, Energy Star® appliances. Old appliances tend to run inefficiently.

4. Replace the showerhead in your bathroom(s) with low flow showerheads. These showerheads regulate the flow of water, assuring you a more efficient shower.

5. Make sure you have a strong Wi-fi signal from your smart thermostat and smart devices. Because you can remotely control your smart thermostat via the internet, periodically check the signal strength in the network settings on the thermostat’s control screen.

6. Installing light dimmers can save cut your electricity use 40% over time and make your lightbulbs last 20 times longer.

7. Use an automated pet food and water dispensing system so you don’t have to worry about feeding your pets if you happen to be away from home for longer than you had intended.

8. Planting trees in optimal spots on your property will provide shade during the warmer months making your system work less hard to cool your home down.

9. Even when your appliances are turned off, they are still using electricity. Use smart power strips to combat energy vampires.

10. Use a smart sprinkler to control your sprinkler system from your smartphone. They adjust setting based on weather and time of day so you don’t have to.

I think it’s be great to have a smart thermostat like the Nest Learning Thermostat to keep our house climate controlled all year long. Good news, Direct Energy is hosting a sweepstakes where 5 lucky winners will have the chance to win Nest Learning Thermostats!

To enter the sweepstakes, visit this page and simply fill out the entry form. How easy is that?

The giveaway will take place from Wednesday, October 1st to Wednesday, October 22nd. Winners will be selected in Mid-November.

While you are there, you can also find out more about Direct Energy’s Comfort & Control Plans that include a Nest Learning Thermometer and helps you lower your heating and cooling bills by 20%. We will be looking into this come November when we’re in our new place, but for now, you’ll find us comfy and cozy at Grammie and Pappy’s house until then.

Thanks to Direct Energy  for asking me to share these tips for a smart home with you. 

On Changes of Recent

Thanks for letting this Mama take a bit of a bloggy break. She’s needed it. For the past 11ish weeks, my body has been working on a new personal project.

One that starts kinda like this…


And then leads to almost 7 weeks of secrecy and fears. Apparently being healthier didn’t equal a great first trimester for us. I encountered my first migraine, treatment for bed bugs (from a hotel), a sinus infection, nausea, morning sickness, and an awful pain in my hip following my first run in weeks.

Along the way, there were emotional moments, too. We lost my Grandma. The same day as her viewing, I was told I didn’t get a job I had applied for, one that would have made three of my favorite things collide (Salesforce, Call Center, and Thirty-One)…but would have left out two very important worlds (Pittsburgh and family). We celebrated my uncle’s retirement and the kids started school. We put an offer on a house in Plum that wasn’t right for us, and went to negotiations with the seller. We backed off looking and said we would just settle in with my parents for a few months and save up for better. Then? We found better, back in Armstrong County (but we are still going to be Burghers, trust us).

But the biggest moment of this pregnancy, so far, was the night I swore bloody evil words in front of my living children. I used some very bad words to let Greg and the ER folks know I was in serious pain and was afraid I wasn’t physically able to carry our third baby. I was kind of right.

Because that night, while Greg and cousin Jess loaded my two big ‘lil Burghers into the car in case I needed admitted, my heart grew.  It grew, and it grew, and it grew. I cried tears not of pain but of love. God knew I couldn’t carry a third baby alone. It needed a built in best friend. A balancer. The balancer I had been praying for…and the twins Arianna had been praying for.


Baby A and Baby B will be arriving by mid April 2015. Like their older siblings, they’ve given me a run for my money (or I should say the toilet, sink, trash can, or nearest grassy area). And like their older siblings, these ‘lil Burghers are going to be loved lots. I can already tell because their Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncle are already ecstatic…but mostly their big sister and Daddy are over the moon. Their Mommy and Big Brother have some adjusting to do, but we are right there bouncing on the moon, too.

And that, my friends, is how we begin our life as a family of 6 humans and 2 dogs in the ‘Burgh.

Rutz Skincare: Infused with Love

Disclaimer: I was asked to review the item or service below in exchange for compensation and/or free items. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.


As I told you yesterday, I owe my 2 days of makeup free face to Rutz Skincare products. These organic skincare products are “rooted in goodness” as their website says. It’s obvious that love and care go into the creation, packaging, marketing, and selling of the line.

Seriously. Look at my face. No makeup. Out in public two days. No one looked at my funny. It meant a lot to me because the past few weeks, my skin has HATED me. Even when I swear by my usual go to acne cleanser. It was pretty embarrassing to get a facial in the state my skin was in – but I found I really need those moments in time. Oh, the photo!

No filter!

Not only did I get to test out the products in my in-house facial at Metamorphosis Organic Spa, but I got to take home four products that really have made my skin glow.

Rutz Skincare Products

First up is the Just Breathe facial wash. This is a smooth cleanser that literally lets your pores breathe. A little goes a long way, and I think the price is well worth it.

Next, I use the In Your Face elixir mist as a skin refresher. I’ll admit – I haven’t quite mastered the “close your eyes and spray the mist on your face” move quite yet. I’ve hit my eyes twice now and it wasn’t pretty. This is something I am working on. Luckily, the mist is 99% natural and did not burn my eyes. ;)

Speaking of eyes, Eye Conquered  is a light-weight moisturizer that obviously you’d use on your eyes, but it’s also perfect for lightly dabbing all over your face. Before going to bed on Saturday, I couldn’t help but post a photo of the label – I love that these products are based in Pittsburgh and “infused with love”!

And finally, I got to give the Smooth Talker rich moisturizer a try. This is perfect for tired feet and dry hands…or a “baby spa” evening with your ‘lil ones who were jealous of your night at the spa. It’s incredibly smoothing but without the greasy feel. I am truly in love with this product and will likely blow through my sample within two weeks. Good thing a full size tub is only $24!

You can find out more about the lovely / loving you line of Rutz Skincare (by the way, it’s said “roots”!) on their website, Facebook, and Twitter OR head over to Metamorphosis Spa for a treatment with these products. Either way, you win and will feel the love.

Look Good. Feel Good. With Metamorphosis Spa

Disclaimer: I was asked to review the item or service below in exchange for compensation and/or free items. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.


It’s been a crappy few weeks in my world. Crappy as in…my first migraine, saying goodbye to my Grandma, a trip to the ER, a sick visit/breathing treatments for Arianna, packing, and more. But we are moving past that, and for part of it, I have to thank the ladies of Metamorphosis Organic Spa of Pittsburgh. Myself and three other Pittsburgh Mom Bloggers (love my tribe!) were treated to an evening at the Spa to relax, look good, and feel good. Might I say, it worked.

First of all, one of my peeves about Pittsburgh is parking. Yes, my trip to Metamorphosis Spa started out with a small parking headache. I hate parallel parking in Lawrenceville, but knowing what was awaiting me, I sucked it up and got a spot. It is not impossible just trust me. And well worth it when you walk up to this:

Metamorphosis Spa

I was stunned at the beauty, and I hadn’t even walked inside. When you do, however, you immediately feel an energy from every employee and customer. It was 6:00 on a Thursday evening and the place was full of business. Clients getting their hair cut/styled, yogis coming in for class, and us mom bloggers joining each other back at the beauty bar/pedicure area (which is my favorite part of the whole spa because purple paint, gorgeous chandeliers, and vintage wallpaper that I just had to share).

So serene and gorgeous @spapgh

…and how happy do Nicole and I look in the pedicure chairs?

Source: Rutz Skincare Facebook

I spoke of energy, then post us “sleeping”. We were just so relaxed just by being there. Forget their wine bar,  the serene music, the amazing massage I got on my tired feet (more on that another day), or the other services offered. We were just happy being there!

While we were there, the other mamas got a chair massage while I enjoyed a foot soak and rub (with Rutz Skincare “Oh-So Smoothie” and “Smooth Talker”, available at www.rutzskincare.com –and another post on this organic company whose products are what Metamorphosis uses/swears by). Additionally, we got a mini facial (which used the “Just Breathe” cleanser and “In Your Face” Elixir face spray…ahhhh-mazing).

Can I seriously tell you something about this facial?  I am ready to be signed up for a treatment every single month just to relax in the facial room and have someone else scrub my face. Facials start at $55 and last 45-60 minutes. Additionally…I seriously have not worn makeup the past two days because this made my skin so healthy and happy (will post that photo on my Rutz review, but if you follow me on Instagram, you already have seen the look). Sign me up now.

We chilled in the beauty bar and learned about the services that Metamorphosis Spa offers and I really didn’t want to go home. There’s a yoga studio that’s intimate (about 8-10 people per class) and will start offering kids’ yoga soon. There are two adorable massage rooms with sliding barn doors to open up if you’d like a couple’s massage. And a sauna treatment can be added to your experience for just $5.

Holiday gift? You can so count me in for a trip to @spapgh to relax here. ♡

Seriously, I hope some of my girls or my husband will be on board for a return trip. I am ready, and it’s only been three days since I left. Thank you, Metamorphosis Spa, for hosting us Mom Bloggers!

Check Metamorphosis Spa out on Facebook and Twitter!

Walk in, feel the energy immediately. @spapgh

Twelve Dancing Unicorns

Disclaimer: I was asked to review the item or service below in exchange for compensation and/or free items. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

When I was growing up, I remember having a fairy tale book and reading Twelve Dancing PrincessesTo be honest, I loved the story, but the fact that the sisters were locked up at night and not allowed to go out made ‘lil me mad. When I received a copy of Twelve Dancing Unicornsthe same love and madness washed over me.

Twelve Dancing Unicorns

In this gorgeously illustrated take on “The Twelve Dancing Princesses”, author Alissa Heyman had my kids and I in awe. Her words, along with Justin Gerard’s illustrations, tell the story in the light of the princesses being unicorns and the soldier as a brave little girl who sneaks to the magical gardens the unicorns inhabit at night. In the end, the unicorns are freed from the kings chains and “watchful” guards thanks to the little girl’s bravery and problem solving.

Twelve Dancing Unicorns is one of the few “long” picture books my children have sat through and truly listened to. And at the end? They both understood the moral – have a good heart and don’t do things selfishly (as the king did). At five and three, they got that. It made them sad that the unicorns were chained up, but I watched their eyes light up as the ‘lil girl accompanied the unicorns to a land where jeweled fruits (their favorite, the golden apple) and fairies and lush gardens abound, and knew they were getting the meaning of letting others live true happiness.


You can find this gorgeous book (put it on your holiday shopping list!) at sterlingpublishing.com for $14.95.

I’ve posted this review as part of a month-long blog tour about the book. Follow the Twelve Dancing Unicorns blog tour tomorrow on Jumpin Beans: http://jumpin-beans.blogspot.com/.


This story came at a great time for our family. Last week, we lost my grandma after a few years of suffering from various ailments. She was ready to let it go and be in Heaven, but was holding on for all of us. Once we finally told her it was okay, that we’d see her again, you could tell she felt released, just like the unicorns and princesses. What a beautiful coincidence.

Got it from My Momma

There are so many things that I am glad to say I “Got it from my Momma” to. One of those things is writing. And sadly, today, I was reminded of that oh so much.

As I tried to work, I kept refreshing the page, waiting to see what I know my mom had been so lovingly working on with her siblings…the listing of the things my amazing Grandma did in her life. When the page finally refreshed and my Grandma’s, my babies’ “Grammie the Great” or “Great Great”, life story was in front of my eyes, all I could do was cry. I cried tears I didn’t think would come. I cried tears that I’ve had several years to cry, tears that have come on rides home after other times we thought “this was it”. Tears that were filled with the love that this woman showed all of us as a family. Tears because I knew the words were written with so much love and thought behind them – words written by my mom.

When I called my mom a little later, we talked about the words. How there were so many words. So many beautiful things about a woman who had two amazing husbands, seven children, 34 grandchildren, and 22 (so far) great grandchildren. So many memories that we shared with her – church, bingo, the beach. Blurs still come to my eyes when I think of the things this woman did in her 89 years.

God called my Grandma home to be with her Daves and her son yesterday. She passed peacefully, having heard many of us say “I love you” and share our best memories with her over the past few days. After sitting with her for hours, just holding her hand, on Saturday, I know it was all part of the plan and that she’s in no pain anymore.

I didn’t write much about my Grandma here on this blog, but my family sure has cherished a lot of time with her over the past five years since moving back home. We’ve been really lucky to have her in our lives. While the memories may be few here on this page (like this one, this one, and this one), there are a lot in my mind. Grandma was traditional, and a few years ago, I stopped taking pictures at her place because she wasn’t all about our internet lives. But today, Grandma, I hope you are okay that I am sharing your story.

Because I got my love of writing from my mom, who got it from you. And I know that Arianna will have it too. Just like so many other things – our smiles, our eyes, our desire for everyone to be together and to be happy, to do for others, to love Jesus, to be a good mom and wife, to really and truly enjoy life, to remember the little things. We got this from you, and I am so glad we did.

4 Generations of Steelers fans

Buy Yourself Flowers

Disclaimer: I was asked to review the item or service below in exchange for compensation and/or free items. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

Just over two weeks ago, I was sent the most gorgeous roses from TheBouqs.com, and I am compelled to tell you to stop what you’re doing and buy yourself some flowers right now. Well, after you read this post and check out what The Bouqs have to offer and look at the Hot Lava bouquet I fell in love with.


Five Reasons to Buy Yourself Flowers (from TheBouqs.com) Now

Or at the least, “Five Reasons I was glad to have flowers in my life the last two weeks”. 

1. Life is Good. Even when I was fighting my first migraine, it really helped to step into the kitchen and see lovely flowers. The “Hot Lava” Bouquet I selected had bright pink and yellow roses that reminded me of brighter days.

2. When’s the last time your partner bought you flowers? Yup, mine is a pretty good guy, but I (sadly for me) can’t think of the last time he brought me a bouquet home. You matter, and so what if you have to buy yourself flowers from time to time. You’re worth it.

3. You never know what you might be celebrating when the flowers arrive. The day I picked out my Bouq, our ‘lil family had something big to celebrate, but by the time they came, even bigger news – our house went under contract. It was the perfect cap on my day to see the text from Greg that a box of fresh, gorgeous roses (from myself) arrived on the doorstep and were waiting for me to get home. Perfect timing.

4. You never know what you might be needing cheered up from while the flowers are gracing your home. In the span of two weeks  that my Bouq lasted to it’s fullest (it’s now a shade of brown and purple, I hate throwing flowers away), we got some difficult news. My best friend’s dad had an emergency quadruple bypass. A family friend (who was at our wedding) passed away. Sometimes, having flowers just might cheer you up when you are struggling.

5. The Fine Print – Free shipping and an offer code. Okay, I couldn’t get away with doing a sponsored post without giving you something in return for reading about my need for pretty in my life lately. The Bouqs offers Free Shipping and there’s even a coupon code to save 15% off through 9/30 (use code TEACHER15). Go for the upgrade with this code – you’ll be glad you did. Double the flowers for less than $10 more (with the code). You’re welcome.

The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers

Finding Happiness in Community

Disclaimer: I am part of the blogging team behind The Mom Con – they are sponsoring this post/giveaway, but all opinions remain my own.

Let’s face it. I haven’t been happy lately, and thanks frankly sucked for my ‘lil family. It’s time I find my happiness, and I’m planning on doing that in a community of moms who rock, moms who are inspired and want to grow.

Let’s be fair – there’ve been some really good things in our lives lately, but that doesn’t mean I am totally happy or that we are having problems as a family - not at allBut, I am ready to become an expert on my own happiness as part of this whole Mom Con movement happening here in Pittsburgh.

Luckily, there are many awesome moms behind the force that is The Mom Con (“a conference devoted to the woman “behind the mom” – inspiring her, developing her talents, and helping her achieve her goals by offering a community with the resources she needs”, explains the website for this November 14-15 conference in Pittsburgh, PA). Not only is there a spectacular duo behind the scenes making this event possible, but there are sponsors, bloggers marketing the event, and speakers ready to fill our mom brains cups with the good stuff.

the mom con

One of the awesome women who you’ll be able to listen to (and meet) at The Mom Con is Britt Reints. She’s a nationally known speaker, an expert on her own happiness (and helping people become the experts of their own), and the author of An Amateur’s Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness, a book about “maps” to find happiness in our busy lives. (You can read more / grab her book / follow her on social media through her website, inpursuitofhappiness.net. Britt was so kind to help me de-mask some of my fears and things holding me back from being happy by talking to me last week, right at the onset of my first ever migraine (and 6 solid days of bitter unhappiness, sadly).

Britt Reints Source: TheMomCon.com

Although I just met Britt, I’ve been stalking following her on Twitter for most of the past two years since she came to Pittsburgh. If you read her book, you’ll learn more about how she stopped living a lush life, packed her family into an RV, and traveled the country, and “injected [her family] back into real life” here in Pittsburgh. Just thirty minutes on the phone with Britt, and I can tell you know that you’ll all be enlightened by her keynote speech at the Mom Con and walk away with a plan to start really finding your own happiness. Why do I know that? Britt shared with me some great tips that got me thinking, and I’d like to share some tidbits with you.

Five Ways I’ll be Finding Happiness in Community (thanks to Britt Reints’ inspiraton!)

1. Falling Deeper in Love with My City. Britt is not a native Pittsburgher. She visited here during her RV adventure during the perfect Pittsburgh time, September/October and got to see our city during what I feel is its finest time. Her family participated in RAD Days, which led to them falling in love with lots of the things I love about this city. Her friend gave her a spreadsheet of Pittsburgh must-dos. Please, I need to find this and share it with all my friends who promise to visit but never made it!

2. Stop Shoulding. You know what that word really sounds like. And you know what? I’ve already stopped doing the things that I should do because it’s what other moms, my friends/family, my c0-workers, other bloggers think I should do. Should I have gone to my daughter’s school’s fall welcome night instead of a night with the mavens of the Mom Con? Nope. Because my happiness is important, too. That, and this is kindergarten and she won’t be in that school for much more than another month (more on that soon). Should I have given more to my job when I was sick? Nope, because one must rest to bloom. It’s a true story. And when I stop shoulding, my community is going to be weeded of the people who only want me for what I can do for them and be full of people who love me for the quiet sweetheart I am. That’s quality, my friends.   I really can’t wait to hear what Britt has to say on shoulding in November!

3. Finding time to do all the things to fit happiness into our lives. Britt just might be talking about this at the Mom Con (but, another reason I heart her, she’s not solid on her topic yet because, well, that’s in November). Any mom, especially working moms, can find it hard to find the balance to “do it all” (and no, I don’t “do it all”). Her insights will help us wittle down those shoulds and spend time in the happy.

4. Recognizing the line between what I have to accept and what I can change. One of the maps in Britt’s book is about acceptance, and this is one she struggles with the most. I get it. Like Britt, I’ve been a “fixer” most of my life, magnetizing to people and things I thought I could fix (did I ever tell you about my ex’s dog, Daisy?). We’re not able to fix everyone around ourselves or ourselves, and that’s something that having a truly supportive community will help with. 

5. Taking Personal Responsibility. Another of Britt’s Happiness Maps, this is her favorite. Have you ever thought about what relationships fill you up and which ones drain you? Well, as Britt told me, “it’s a lot harder to do [live, find happiness] when you are drained” by these relationships. We need to “learn to trust others that they will figure it all out” for themselves, and we do the same for us. That’s why I have started to take personal responsibility for myself and the relationships in my life. Stopping marching down one-way street relationships, and start reaching to more to the two-ways. My community cup already fills fuller, and I’m not even two weeks in.

Okay, so I learned a lot from a few moments with Britt (including that her theme song would be Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”, because it reminds her not to “let anything hold [her] down”). If you want more from Britt, you must join us at the Mom Con, or enter my giveaway for a chance to win tickets to the event. You’ll be happy you listened.

Info on the Mom Con: Tickets start at $59 for the November 14-15 event at Pittsburgh Marriot North. You can buy tickets here and use the promo code momcon5off to get $5 off your registration. Follow on social media via Facebook and Twitter (@themomcon) as well as our hashtags, #themomcon and #momswhorock. In return, you’ll get to listen to motivating speakers, connect with other moms (hello, community!), and be pampered by local businesses (swag!).

Lucky you, I’m giving away two tickets (one each to two lucky winners) for the event. This giveaway runs through Friday, September 12 at 11:59 PM. Good luck!

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BabyPalooza Coming to Pittsburgh

Disclaimer: I was asked to review the item or service below in exchange for compensation and/or free items. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

My ‘lil ones aren’t so much babies anymore (both of them started school in the past two weeks!), but that doesn’t mean their dad and I won’t be heading out to Babypalooza at the Monroeville Convention Center (South Hall) next Sunday (September 14).

This event, presented by Baby Clickers, is going to be full of resources for parents of kids ages 0-preschool.  It runs from noon to 4 PM. Here’s what I was told about the event:

Bring Your Whole Family to the 2nd Annual Babypalooza!

Whether you’re expecting your first child, or already an experienced parent or caretaker, you don’t want to miss our “Pre-Natal to Pre-School” Showcase! Learn from baby professionals and businesses as they showcase their baby products and family services to Western Pennsylvania parents and parents to be. Enjoy free product samples, exciting contests, numerous prizes, fun activities and informative seminars.

Do you have the cutest baby in the burgh? Enter your child in the Cutest Baby Photo contest! Other contests include the Daddy Obstacle Course and the adorable Diaper Derby! Pamper your daughter at the Cutie Patootie Salon featuring students from the Paul Mitchell Beauty School. Enjoy inflatables, face painting, and mini soccer classes. Princesses will be walking around- meet Snow White, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty and more. Dress your child fashionably for the Crawlway Parade. There will be seminars by Babies R Us and Magee-Womens Hospital and plenty of vendors for shopping! You won’t want to miss this fun filled day!

You can check out the 2013 Show’s highlights video here – you better believe my SAHD is going to have to participate in a stroller / diaper change race if there’s one to be had this year!

Tickets are $12 for one adult or 2 for $20 (and I’ve got a code for 50% off here). Kids ages 10 and under join in the fun for free. For more information, like Baby Clickers on Facebook.

But wait! There’s more! I’m giving away two tickets in a flash giveaway. This one will end on Tuesday, September 9 at 11:59 PM.

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